Monday, April 14, 2014

Comic Books: Enriching Lives, Encouraging Creativity

When my sister was teaching second grade, she always said that it didn't matter what her kids were reading, as long as they were reading and to this end, Dyl supplied her with a nice stash of kiddie comic books. They dove into the books, gleefully turning the pages, thinking they were getting away with something not realizing all the time they were reading. The length of the book was immaterial, the fact that it had pictures was besides the point; the kids were learning how to love reading and that is a special gift that can never be taken from them.

Dyl created his own comic stories when he was young which molded the way he approaches story-telling. The storyline, the art, everything was his creation to control. These days, Noelle loves hearing about daddy's comic books and thus inspired, went to work on her very first comic book: The Adventures of Eden and Elsa. (Note: this is still a working title). We are so proud of her drive that I wanted to share some of what she's been working on. Without further ado, here's a little taste of the next generation of comic book writers.

First let's meet the cast of characters. We have Elsa (Noelle) age 7, Noah (age 9) and Eden (age 5). Sadly, these siblings have no parents but they do have a pet cat and they live in a museum (I think; I'm still a bit unclear about that part).

One day, they wandered into an off-limits room filled with machines and went inside.

Gasp! The machines gave them super powers! But will they use it for good or evil?

Not content to just be kids, they decide to protect the planet as the Super Heroes Weather Guy, Fast Woman and Eden. Always on the lookout for trouble, they remain ready for action.

Thanks to Weather Guy's super long legs, they are able to spot trouble. With Fast Woman's speed, they get to the bad guy in no time at all.

Watch out bad guys, Weather Guy, Fast Woman and Eden are coming to the rescue!

Will our heroes vanquish the evil Goo Monster and it's Minions of Mayhem? You'll have to come back next month to find out!

Clearly, comic books* are wonderful, beautiful things that encourage reading and foster creativity and if anyone says differently, I'll sic the Goo Monster on them.

*Age-appropriate, of course.

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