Thursday, May 27, 2010

Where I make up for my absence with a lot of filler....

Hi-dee-ho sports fans!  Its been quite the boring couple of weeks around here recently.  I worked.  A lot (just ask Dyl).  And will be working most likely until I keel over or the nice men in the white coats come to rescue me.  But you don't want to hear about that!  You are here for my riveting descriptions of my oh-so-glamorous-life and I will not disappoint you.  So onward we merrily slog!

First off, I bought a dress.  Well, my mom helped me buy the dress because I, in the huge, ginormous rush of FITTING INTO A SIZE SIX OMG WHICH HAS NEVER EVER HAPPENED BEFORE missed the first digit on the price tag of said dress.  And there were multiple digits.  Three of them!  Had I seen said first digit, I would NOT have fallen into deep and abiding love with the dress but merely lovingly consigned it to the 'way the hell out of my league but boy did I feel pretty damn awesome for a minute' return bin.  I am not the best shopper in the world.  CLEARLY.  And then we had pizza, beer, milkshakes and pedicures though not in that order.  But I have a dress for a fancy party next weekend and pretty toes so all is right with the world now.

Noah is now 9 months old.  Can you believe it?  This time last year I was already exerting a gravitational pull on objects around me and that was BEFORE the real summer weather started.  I'm sure that I was an absolute joy to live with.  He  And possibly a vampire because hello fangs!  His favorite toy in the whole world is the cat who exhibits an inordinate amount of patience but gives off a very obvious 'WTF DUDE?  I'M 12 FREAKING YEARS OLD' vibe as the babe crawls/lunges after her like a deranged howler monkey. (OK, that metaphor was used by someone else first but I can't remember who so if it is you, please don't go Patton Oswalt on me cuz I tried.)

Today I experienced culinary nirvana:  New York Cheesecake and pancakes.  Together, all warm and gooey and my god did that imagery get away from me.  With a side of eggs, bacon, and hash browns natch.  Where did I stumble across such a delicacy?  If you guessed 'IHOP' then *high five* and *bitchslap* for not taking me with you when you went in the first place.  Unfortunately the occasion for our IHOP adventure was not a happy one....

My friend Stacey's last day is tomorrow and it's not of her own volition.  If you need a Chemist/Supervisor/All Around Awesome Person, you should totes hire her.  She'll work for an unlimited supply of Diet Pepsi Max and iTunes gift cards.  Bonuses in the form of Edward Cullen are always welcome. 

In my quest for power and glory* (or a better job - whichever comes first), I came across a masters program in Quality Assurance that is 1) completely on line and 2) not ridiculously expensive.  Now I just have to convince Stacey to do this with me so we could drink study together then at the end have rockin' graduation party.  Because I need someone in my face to get me to do stuff otherwise I'd spend all my time on twitter and facebook and I need to justify my laptop purchase somehow.  What do you mean my rich uncle isn't real?  He's not going to give me actual money?  Well, nekrab.**

* Bonus points if you can correctly identify the movie from which it was swiped.  And you totally need to get a life
** Even more bonus points if you know where this one came from
***Super extra bonus points for getting the voice right


  1. Hey, blogging is an important reason for getting a laptop. I'm thinking of getting one, too, cuz I now have to share the desktop with my husband AND 4-year-old. It's crazy how we gals suffer sometimes.

  2. Cheesecake AND pancakes? Sounds delicious!


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