Tuesday, June 22, 2010

RTT: The preschooler edition

"I a police officer.  And Mommy, you a police officer.  And Bonnie a police officer."

"What about Daddy?"

"Daddy a boy.  Boys not police officers."

"Boy's can't be police officers?"


"What are they?"

Well, it's nice to know that the boys have some opportunities available to them.

"Noelle, look!  There's a horse that's colored like a cow!" (Black and white palomino)

"Oh wow Mommy!  I see it!"

"I've never seen a horse that looks like that before."

"It a horse-cow."
If we can have tiger dogs, why not horse cows.


A snapshot of Noelle's week:  bowling, birthday party, picnic, pajama day, ice cream sundae day, bike day, Ultimate Playzone day, Storytime Live, Father's Day festivities.  Anyone else envy this kid her social life?


We got tickets for Nickelodeon's Storytime Live and have been talking it up to Noelle.  Perhaps a little too much since at least 20 times a day we hear "Daddy take me to the show and I gonna see Kai Lan and Wonderpets and Backyardigans and Dora the Explorer."  (Takes a breath) "And then I go to the beach and we make a sandcastle and see little dolphins and little giant clams but not big ones cause they are scary and little sharks and daddy sharks but not mommy sharks.  Mommy sharks scare me.  And jelly fish and whales.  And we see mermaids and we make a sandcastle, Mommy." 

So much for me getting any rest this vacation!


I had an interview for a new position last Thursday.  While searching for appropriate interview wear I realized that I had donated every. single. blouse. I. owned.  Hi, irony!  Welcome back!  I've missed you!

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  1. I get the not having appropriate interview attire. I went yesterday for an interview. It was really casual. I know the guy and they really need me and I pretty much knew they'd hire me. But I still didn't want to show up in jeans and a tee. But since I haven't worked since my 7-yr-old was a baby, I've got no clothes. I managed capris pants and a white blouse. But it would've been way too casual for a real interview.
    I got the job. Now it's time to go shopping!

    My nine-year-old after I told him I was going to teach a class at the college: "Finally! I can't believe Mom finally got a job!" He's been trying to talk me into applying for a job at Subway for years.

  2. It's kind of cool to think that we're considered cops. We are the authority, after all.

  3. I love kids' thought processes.
    And what did she mean when she said that the mommy sharks are scary and the dad sharks aren't????? ;)

  4. I hope your interview went well regardless! Sprite still calls Dora "D-d-d-d-dora". STILL. Shows you how much we let her watch THAT show. :-)


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