Friday, August 13, 2010

I passed, but I failed. Yeah!*

So you remember the job that I didn't get?  The one that would have springboarded me from the 9th circle of hell to oh, the 3rd or 4th?  At least?  Yeah, that one.  I received this morning one of the most bizarre phone calls  that I have ever received in my life (ranking up there with the guy who asked me to go out with him in 7th grade to whom I replied in all seriousness:  go where?).  It was, no joke, the hiring manager wanting to explain things to me.

This went down at 8 this morning after I had already been A) up at 4 to B) get to work by 6 so I was C) very tired and still really bummed but D) put on my happy professional voice to take her call even though I had not had enough coffee yet.  She was very impressed with my resume and interview and thought I was an excellent candidate and would be holding onto to my resume for future reference.  The only thing that the 'winner' had that I did not was packaging experience and in their succession planning, the only person who had that type of experience would be retiring within a few years.  But she stated over and over again how impressed she was with me and how it had been such a great career move on my part to apply for the job as it raised my visibility within the company since plant personnel tend to be invisible and overlooked in talent reviews and succession planning.  How did this raise my visibility?  She personally handed my resume to the CORPORATE VICE PRESIDENT OF QUALITY...and HE was impressed by my experience and qualifications!  Holy. Effen. Cow.

The timing could not have been better as they are beginning their quarterly talent review for succession planning and now HERE I AM BITCHES; NOBODY PUTS ME IN THE CORNER!  The icing would have been getting the job but you know, being on the radar of the Corporate Vice President isn't such a bad silver medal all things considered.  I guess I can tough it out here for a while longer.  This probably means I should get my butt in gear with the starting of the MS in Quality Assurance.  So I'm in a much better place mentally now though the 4 cups of coffee I've had this morning haven't hurt. 

So thank you for putting up with my pity party the other day (in which I actually did not knock back a beer.  Or three)..  This is one of the reasons I love the Internets and blogging  - you can dump your feelings, work through them and no one (for the most part) is judgemental.  At least not to me yet but I'm a newbie. 

*I'm feeling a need to watch Real Genius tonight....

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  1. Well THAT IS something! Yea for you! You'll probably get a call next week with someone begging you to come work for them! I hope so, anyway!


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