Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I blinded her with science

You know how it is when you are married and trying to fit in a little adult play time; the time after the kids are in bed is cherished downtime when you can shut down your brain and weekend mornings are for indulging in not having to respond to an alarm.  So you continue in limbo, the idea being great, but the push to overcome the inertia almost always falling victim to the siren call of sleep and the uneasy knowledge that your child will come waltzing in at any point from 6:30 to 8 lending an air of danger to the proceedings.

This weekend was like any other; Saturday, still wrapped in dreams and blankets, Noelle crawled into bed with us at 6:45 am.  She snuggled in between us under the covers and Dylan and I dozed for the next 20 minutes because there will never be any sleeping achieved with a preschooler itching to watch cartoons in the bed with you.  Sunday I awoke with a start at 6:30 and couldn't go back to sleep.  I swear, some days it's like he lies in wait for me to stir enough to begin playground antics. Anyway, I'm awake and tossing and turning to will myself back to sleep because really body? We're going to play this game? Now the waiting game begins: will today bring a  repeat early visit or will it be closer to 7:30? How far can we get in the game before being called for interference? To add an extra challenge, we don't shut our door.  This habit dates back to when the cat would scratch at the door to be let in so we might as well just leave it open for her. Old habits die hard.

7:00 am - no sound.  7:15 am - no sounds.  We might just be able to get a full game in but it's getting late; might be called on account of preschooler.  What the hell, we throw caution to the wind and ourselves into the game. And...yes! Just under the wire.  We lay back talked about the day, how excited we were for her first dance recital when click! step, step, creak. The preschooler approacheth.

"Hi baby, come on up."

She climbed onto the bed to snuggle and Dylan heard Noah stirring and went to get him out of his crib. I'm really going to regret moving him to a toddler bed, aren't I?  While we were waiting for Dylan and Noah to return, Noelle turns to me and with a question in her voice says, "Mommy, you were sleeping on top of the covers." OH. SHIT.

And this is where earning a science degree became my best idea ever. "Well honey, when you sleep, your body temperature drops which makes it nice to snuggle under the covers but when you wake up, your body temperature rises and it's too hot to be under the covers. I woke up early and was too hot." Every word true...from a certain point of view.

And now I think we need to get into the habit of closing the door.  But not locking it because that's just crazy talk.

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  1. My boys are still crib bound so I haven't even thought about not having any privacy. We should be enjoying that while it lasts... except we're soooooo tired........


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