Monday, June 25, 2012

Real Conversations with Captain Chaos

We are in the beginning stages of potty-training Noah so of course, he's very fond of watching the pee-pee come out of his, well, pee-pee as well as the requisite "hands-on" experiences.

SCENE - After bath, getting ready for bed:

Noah (grabbing to emphasize): Mommy, I have PEEE-nis.

Me (applier of diaper, lotion and jammies for the evening): Yes baby, you do.

Noah: You have PEEE-nis too?

Me: No baby, boys have penises, girls have vaginas.

Noelle: I have a BA-gina.

Me to Noelle: Yes you do. So do I. And Daddy has a penis....Noah, what are you doing?

Noah (patting himself): I petting my PEEE-nis.

Me: Noah, we don't pet our penis; it's not a cat.

Parenting: not for the weak of heart.

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