Friday, November 2, 2012

Capriciousness, thy name is toddler

Spending too much money on overpriced polyester just to be worn once and summarily rejected the day it's actually called for is the best thing said no parent ever.  I refer to, of course, that rite of passage known as deciding what to be for Halloween.  Noelle knew it early that she wanted to be Jessie from Toy Story. In fact, the campaigning for the costume began back in August (we did however make her wait until October to 1) be sure so as not to waste money (Ha. HAAAA.) and 2) because we are the meanest parents ever.)

Noah, however, had his heart set on being Jake from Jake and the Neverland Pirates. Do you have any idea how freaking hard it is to find that costume? It was nowhere; it almost seemed like we were the only household to watch Disney Junior so we talked him into Buzz Lightyear which he also loves . Assuaging the wounds of acute disappointment was the discovery of the blow up space wings which suddenly made this the most! bestest! costume! ever! He wore it all day Saturday: to dance class to watch Noelle, to Zoo Boo with his cousins, to the Trunk or Treat party at Noelle's school. We were getting our money's worth out of this one yessireebob.

To infinity...or the edge of the playground!

Until Hurricane Look-At-Me-I'm-Sandra-Gonna-Mess-Shit-Up-For-You-Real-Good. Trapped in the house for two days, he rediscovered the dress up box and buried at the bottom of the box was...a pirate costume. On it went and on it remained. All. Damn. Day. He refused to take it off to get a bath and the only way we managed to finagle that was to promise him he could sleep with it on his bed.

You can see where this is going.

The next morning was Halloween go time for costumes at school. His Buzz costume, freshly cleaned was folded on top of his dresser, the pirate costume in  a pitiful rumpled heap on his bed. And he chose....the pirate. Not even the inflatable space wings were enough to sway him this time. So we sighed, shrugged and suggested wearing Buzz trick or treating later.


Yarr, mateys. I be three.

Next year I'm making his choose his costume out of the box. The pink fairy princess dress should fit him just fine then.

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  1. Too cute (no, not Noelle and Noah) - their Mom!


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