Monday, November 5, 2012

Out of the mouths of babes

Did you know that kids say the darnedest things? It's true! And I will be forever grateful that these happened safely ensconced in our house and not somewhere Ahem.

Scene: She is sitting on the floor taking off her shoes as is the rule in our house in a futile effort to keep the carpet somewhat clean (Oh HAI cat poop hanging off of butt fur). Me: "Noelle honey, please bring me your jacket to hang up." Noelle: "Mommy, I can do exactly ONE THING at a time." Me:  "...I do say that, don't I? Well played my child. Well played indeed."

Scene: She has run into the bedroom while I am changing out of my nice (read: office work) clothes. Noelle (pointing to the hangers on the bed): "Mommy, what are those hooker things?" Me: "Those are hangers honey; hookers are something completely different."

Scene: Getting ready for bed, he spots a crucifix on my dresser. "Mommy, what this?" Me: "That's a crucifix from GG's (my grandmother who passed away a year and a half ago) house." Noah (reverently): "This Jesus?" Me: "Yes baby, that's Jesus." Noah: "Jesus is so COOL! He my best friend!"

Scene: Living room, about to take batting practice. What? Doesn't everyone? Me: "Okay Boo, put Jesus down, we can't play baseball with Jesus." Noah: "Why?" Me: "Because everyone knows he can't hit a curveball."

Okay, so that last one was all me but really, how can anyone resist dropping a Major League reference when the opportunity presents itself?

Now, coffee or cookies? The mid-afternoon slump has hit. Hard.

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