Thursday, March 13, 2014

I believe...

...that 'The Book of Mormon' may be the very best thing I've ever experienced. New Year's Eve in Times Square? Weddings? Birthing babies? Overrated, all of them! But this? This was sublime. This was perfect. This was South Park in human form and therefore awesome in its very wrongness.

For our 10 year wedding anniversary/my 40th birthday, Dylan got us tickets to see the traveling production of 'The Book of Mormon' in Baltimore. I'd wanted to see it ever since first hearing about the project (I mean, really: South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut? Orgazmo? Team America: World Police? BASEketball? Mr. Hanky the Christmas Poo? Who wouldn't?). So my husband, who after 10 years has learned to just go with it, made my dream come true. And lo, was it worth it. We laughed. We cried laughing. We laughed some more.

For maybe the 3 of you out there who haven't heard about this, The Book of Mormon is the story of two young Mormons who are just about to receive their missionary assignment. Excitement and nerves are running high in the training center as others are sent to exotic places like Norway (trolls and gnomes!), France (pastries and turtlenecks!), Japan (soy sauce and Mothra!). Elder Price is the golden child, the chosen one so he's obviously destined to be sent to his very favorite place on Earth - Orlando. Or not. Paired with the awkward, schlubby Elder Cunningham the dynamic duo will be doing their two-year stint in Uganda. Elder Cunningham is thrilled to have a built-in best friend for the next two years with the added bonus of being with someone who has actually read the book that is their main preaching tool: the eponymous Book of Mormon.

Elder Price sucks up his disappointment and vows to make the best of a bad situation (all around) and they travel to Uganda where their luggage is promptly stolen by the local war-lord General Butt-Fucking Naked. And from there things just get weird: tribal cures for AIDS, the world's worst missionaries, crises of faith, stepping up to the plate, baptisms, sticking it to the man and being really fucking polite to everyone.

Giving any more detail would deprive you of the awesomeness (I've been listening to the soundtrack on repeat for the past week) so you should totally buy it if you like Broadway musicals about the magic of frogs. Look! Here's a link. Now go forth and make your paradise on earth right where you are.

PS1 - Okay, I'm exaggerating about how it's better than weddings and babies. But I totally mean it about Times Square.

PS2 - Link is not an affiliate link so I get nothing for linking it, I just like you all that much.


  1. LOL! I'm actually listening to the soundtrack right now :)

  2. I appreciate you writing about this as I have been curious about the play and am a fan of the Creators other projects. Also cudo's for not giving it all away!


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