Monday, March 10, 2014

Merchandizing! Merchandizing!

There is a reason that we choose to keep the TV channels tuned to Nick Jr and Disney Jr - they don't have commercials. I'd rather not have the kids sold to while just relaxing after school so even though the likes of Peppa Pig and Dora the Explorer make me want to gouge my eyes out, I'll tolerate it as background noise. A trade-off of sorts: inane shows for no marketing.

"Mommy, is there really a Sparkle Fairy?"

Well, it was a trade off. But now, they've started airing commercials. Mostly cleaning products (?) with the occasional toy ad. And only between shows but dammit, they're screwing with my peace. I get that the late night programming has been changed to be more parent-friendly so fine, show ads then. Though if it instills a desire in them to clean then so be it. It's as if they expect parents to watch this drivel with the kids rather than using it as it's intended: a babysitter so I can eat and go to the bathroom uninterrupted.

"Wow Mommy! The Kaboom works really well!"

Okay, yes, it's an opportunity to start a dialogue with them about the purpose of advertisements, that they rarely work as magically well as the commercials make them appear. That the job of the ads is to convince us to buy their products and our job is to be savvy consumers and vet the claims carefully. It's a conversation that's ongoing and evolving and Noelle seems to be taking this in; at least, she'll ask if the ads are truthful after each one.

"I have a lame phone, I want a cool phone."

Oh, shit.


  1. They never show kids in ads cleaning house. If they combined instructional ads with motivational rewards, the kids would want (and get) glow in the dark toilet bowl brushes. They're missing a whole market bonanza, in my mind.

    1. By jove, you're right! A missed opportunity to indoctrinate them into the joys of cleaning at the most impressionable age.


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