Friday, April 9, 2010

When Silly met Goofy

It's been a strange week around here.  Dyl and I were both home with the boy a day this week, I caught an 8-hour stomach bug (I'll spare you my ruminations on vomit), Noah has either seasonal allergies or a nasty cold and Noelle is, well, 3.  So this pretty much summed it all up....

Friday.  Pizza night (no cooking! huzzah!)  Let the battle of the silly faces begin!

What's the perfect pizza chaser?  Blueberry yogurt of course.

White boy does the 'Thriller'

Noelle goes for the cute

 You are helpless before the power of pink

The itsy-bitsy spider got stuck in Dylan's hair....

Are you scared yet?  My face may freeze this way

It doesn't matter what you do Daddy, I'm still cuter

And...the grand finale

I am a sexay bitch.
I have no words.
What does our audience think?

Am I seriously related to these lunatics?

Please?  (Not me but a fitting photo nonetheless.)

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