Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

It's time to get random!  A small sample of what has been percolating in my head recently:

Noah's combination scooch/army-crawl is something out of a nightmare.  "He's coming right for us!"

Yes, 8 ounces of milk IS too much for one little tummy to handle.

Frozen peaches make AWESOME popsicles.  Until they've been sucked, um, not frozen.  I believe that I have a 'Bunnicula' on my hands....

I secretly want to yell "Wonderpets, Hooooooo!" whenever Noelle is watching it.  Yes, I'm forever stuck in second grade.  So?

My friend Stacey does a 'Guess that tune Tuesday' on Facebook.  Which I can't access from work.  So I can't play.  Which makes me sad.  And wanting a smartphone so I can play.  This is all her fault.

With apologies to Simion Glover, bring in the pain, bring on the shame.  It's softball time again.  Feeling has finally returned to my legs from last week's debacle.

I'm doing an 'Eat Well, Live Well' challenge at work sponsored by Wegman's.  Did you know that 1 cup of vegetables is a HELL of a lot of veggies?  And we are supposed to target 5 cups a day?  Um, ack?

If waiting impatiently for Iron Man 2 to get here is wrong, I don't want to be right.

Noelle's bed has been taken over by the ever-multiplying stuffed friend collection.  And yeah, it's our fault.  Mostly her dad's.  Stupid collecting habit.

Noah is stalking the cat.  She tolerates it now but sooner or later she is going to turn around and smack the bejesus out of him.

Noah is also trying to give us a collective heart attack.  Just last night he did a real actual crawl.  Yay!  Followed up with almost immediately with a pulling to standing stunt on me.  Um, yay?  Followed by a pulling to standing stunt in his crib.  Which hasn't been lowered yet.  Oh crap.

I'm glad that Noelle shares so nicely with her friends.  I just wish it wasn't her whistle she was sharing.....

You should head over the Keely the Unmom for even more randomness!  Have a random day everyone!

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