Monday, April 19, 2010

Quotables: The Spin Cycle Edition

So this is my first attempt at spinning for the 'Spin Cycle' over at Sprite's Keeper.  The topic this week is Quotables, lines from music/movies/books that you tend to use frequently.  And woo boy, do I.  I shamelessly borrow from movies when you just need that perfect observation or response.  Let's look at the top ones, shall we?
First up:  You are so odd. Ghostbusters
A very simple statement, one that can be used in almost any situation but the impact is totally due to the inflection with the emphasis on the 'odd'.  This one is usually directed at Dyl but he knows the reference so he just laughs.  Doesn't mean it's not completely appropriate.  Which it is.  Totally.

Next:  You're weird. The Pirate Movie
Similar to the first one I'll grant you but more of an every day response whereas the previous is best suited to a more 'formal' discussion.  Also, almost no one gets the reference which makes me feel, um, dorky.  So it doesn't get much play....

Flames.  Flames on the sides of my face.  Breaths....heaving breaths....  Clue
Just...perfect.  And delivered by the incomparable Madeline Kahn it's all about the inflection.  And the fingers.  The ultimate utterance when the frustration level for anything has reached it's apex. 

He's not just going to walk in here and say 'Here I am!' Zorro the Gay Blade
This is from a really, really bad movie but one of my favorites.  I used this one when giving the fam updates when we were waiting for my son to done 'cooking' last summer.  To really get the entire experience you have to say it in a really bad Spanish accent.

This, this is ice.  This is what happens to water when it gets too cold.  Real Genius
Great, great movie.  Plus:  Hot Val Kilmer.  Yum.  Also:  a nice change of pace from 'Captain Obvious to the rescue'.

Come to me, gentle friends.  Ace Venture: Pet Detective
One of the ONLY movies with Jim Carrey that I find funny.  So this gets broken out, well, randomly.  Because that's how I roll.

My brains...are going feeeeeeetttttt!  Spaceballs
Heh, it just makes me laugh.

You keep using that word.  I do not think it means what you think it means.  The Princess Bride
Ha!  Bet you thought I was going to go for the other Inigo Montoya quote.  I love this one since I'm a total grammar/vocab snob use this to lay the smackdown on all who dare to bastardize this fine, fine language of ours. 

There are so many more that it could take all day but this snapshot is enough to prove that we have collectively exhausted our creativity and must now depend on Hollywood's screenwriters to provide us with the perfect retort.  And with that, we'll end this insanity.  Can I interest anyone in fruit, or dessert?


  1. Real Genius ROCKS!
    "You'll rue the day!"
    "Rue the day? Who talks like that?"
    I'm trying to teach Sprite to say it, hopefully get it on camera for this Friday. :-)
    You're linked and welcome to the Spin Cycle!

  2. I love all of these movies. We often quote from Ghostbusters--Four feet above the covers! Love Princess Bride--As you wish!

  3. We love Princess Bride at our house.
    Apparently I need to watch Real Genius, your the second one I've read that has quoted from it and different quotes too.
    Welcome to the Spin!

  4. I love the Princess Bride. Inconcievable.

  5. Your quotes remind me of a few of my own that I used to use:

    "This… THIS is my pipe, this is just a filter"

    "And now for more exciting adventures of… Undergrad!"

    Thanks for sharing,


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