Friday, February 8, 2013

My Cat is an Asshole and It's My Fault

For the most part, Jinx is a very good cat. She is snuggly and comfortable around the kids. She likes to play and loves Dylan but she has developed a rather annoying habit and I'm pretty sure it's because of me.

Back at the end of November whilst under a ridiculous amount of stress, I decided that I needed to manage it by getting more exercise. However, the exercise classes offered at work either cost too much (read: anything) or were at inopportune times. It was too cold to walk outside so I embarked on the course of action any sane person would: I started getting up at 4:30 am to work out on the elliptical machine that had been gathering dust in the basement. Jinx stayed with me: didn't matter that I wasn't interacting with her, I had my ear buds in to keep my motivated as I tried not to die and she just wandered around the basement until I was done. She was like my little fuzzy conscience. I started at 5 days a week but soon realized that 3-4 were more realistic as the promised endorphin rush never materialized and I was TIRED. I still kept the first alarm set for 4:30 thinking that I could maybe talk myself into getting up (HAAAAA) and if not, could turn if off and return to sleep for another hour. The only drawback to this plan? Jinx has the ears of a bat, er cat.

As soon as the melody for the early alarm started sounding, she was up the stairs ready to get moving. OMG OMG, it's time to go-go-GO! and while I would be able to settle myself back down for blissful delicious sleep, she decidedly could not which meant that the next hour was spent with her walking up and down the bed, curling up on Dyl, trying to curl up on me, getting on my nightstand, investigating the closet, etc. So then I started not setting the alarm when I knew there was no way in blazes I was getting up early the next morning. Too late, the damage was already done.

She now comes in between 4:45 and 5 am every morning to let me know that Mom, you skipped your workout AGAIN and oh by the way, Im'ma just bother Daddy too to really rub the guilt in. FINE cat, you WIN. I'll start getting up early. Asshole.

I better not go up for my shower and find her curled up on my side of the bed or so help me God, I'll turn her into a hat.

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