Monday, April 1, 2013

All of the tired is belonging to me

Alternate title: The Brain Cannot Convince The Body It's Not 22 Anymore aka I Still Make Very Dumb Decisions And I Wasn't Even Drunk. So yeah. It was a great weekend; we got to see practically the entire family and maybe even most important, finally got caught up on all the back to last year. No matter! Caught up. Onward and forward and all that good stuff. And with all that family stuff comes traveling and with traveling with young children comes stuff which becomes even more stuff when said travelling occurs over a holiday. The kids are 6 and 3; this isn't our first rodeo and yet.

Saturday began early as it usually does because my children do not understand the concept of 'sleeping in it's the weekend for chrissake' and 'really, Mommy and Daddy do not really want to be up right now so would you please consider sleeping in?' The only bright spot was the Noelle did not have dance class due to Spring Break BUT Dylan had a lot of errands to run before heading to his mom's house for Easter/birthdays. I lucked out and didn't have to bring anything this time but still, we were in a time crunch. As usual. The kids played with their cousins at my mother-in-law's house but it was a really nice day and her house is on the small side so we took the kids to a nearby park where we followed a stream to a beaver dam, chucked rocks at the water, hiked back to the grassy field and played Frisbee and football for well over an hour before heading back for dinner and visiting. Because Sunday was Easter and they were outside running around, they had a bath even though it was very late and got them to bed at 9. No SyFy movie was on, or at least, no SyFy movie that the usual gang was going to watch so I prepped the sweet potatoes for Easter dinner then jumped on the computer to finish creating the gift certificate for my dad's birthday then had to check Twitter. As one does.

Well, because the usual gang didn't have a movie to snark on, our fearless leader tweeted out that he was bored and did anyone want to [Google] hang-out. Having just gotten all the plug-ins figured out that morning, I said sure, why not so off to Google hang out I went. After a while, Dyl joined us sharing my ear buds and soon one, then another Snarkalec came to play. And it was hysterical; we had such a good time playing with the features, offering predictions for the Walking Dead to be aired the next night, harassing each other that before we knew it, 5 hours had flown by and 3 AM was staring us in the face. At that point common sense woke up and was all, 'oh shit. We've got 4 hours before the kids get up because EASTER!!!!' And sure enough, 7:06 am Noelle bursts into the room wanting to look for Easter baskets. Thank GOD I hadn't been drinking or that would have been painful *coughdrunkenbirthdaysleepovercough*.

A few (awake) hours later, it was time to go to my parents' house for the family Easter egg hunt and dinner and 356 eggs plus assorted baskets later, the kids were running around, playing with their cousins, we were visiting and time flew by, we barely noticed how tired we were. We got home a little after 8 (thanks stupid drivers who don't know how to merge), decided no baths, got the kids ready for bed and were downstairs for the season finale of The Walking Dead by 8:45. Straightened up the kitchen and living room a bit for my MIL who is watching Noelle during the first part of Spring Break this week and assumed our positions on the sofa. This was the first episode I had watched since the very first one but followed recaps and analysis so knew enough of what was going on to be dangerous. Dangerously snarky that is. What? Gotta get my fix somewhere. Anyway, after the show of commercials interspersed with a few shots of zombies and/or batshit insane Governors, the finale was over and time for bed. But not because one MUST follow it up with the analysis show the Talking Dead and hey! 11 pm! How good to see you and why in the name of Grilled Cheezus did I not take off Monday? Sob.

The only bright spot of today? I can finally eat again. A small consolation prize but I'll take it. And now if you'll excuse me, Im'ma hide under my desk the rest of the day zzzzzz.

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