Monday, May 20, 2013

Star Wars claims another two victims

Sigh. The conversion to the Dark Side is complete. It's official: my kids are certifiable Star Wars nuts.

The Force is with force.
In the past 3 weekends, we have watched Episode IV roughly 4 times, Episode V approximately twice, Episode VI two or three times and Episode I for the first time yesterday. They have been clamoring to watch  one of the movies every day since they first saw it, foiled only by it being a school night and Mama didn't raise no fools. In what is either my most brilliant parenting move or most regrettable, I got them each a Star Wars umbrella featuring the Man himself on the handle.

If you're a badass and you know it, do the Force-choke

They were enraptured! Enthralled! In strictly-platonic love! Until Noah started using the handle as a lightsaber and suddenly the battle of the Death Star was on in my family room. Many southwestern decorations almost died to bring this re-enactment to life. Second only to Darth Vader love is the Master himself.

When 900 years old you reach, crap as easy you will not.
With the 'pewers' a distant third.

We're armed...and unable to hit a single fucking thing.
The discussions! The questions! We are living in a geekster's paradise my friends. And it is glorious. They weren't too impressed with a young Anakin but Qui Gon and Padme's hair? Aw yeah. Then, HE appeared.

TWO lightsabers in one?! Mind. Blown.
As of this morning, Noah was walking around with two orange glowsticks as he is clearly Darth Maul now. I for one cannot wait until Noelle sees a female Jedi. Girlfriend will lose her mind.

Maybe not.
Look out Star Wars universe, there are new enthusiasts in town and not even the Force will slow them down.. 

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