Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thursdays are the new Saturdays

Well, according to the SyFy channel they are. In a move that has greatly pissed off the legion of Tweeters known as the Snarkalecs, for the summer SyFy will not air movies - original or otherwise - on Saturday nights. Instead they will offer scripted shows that lasted one season each (Sinbad, Primeval: New World) at the snarking hour (9 EST, 8 CST) and show the movies on Thursday. In a bizarre bit of marketing, the genius who runs the @SyFyMovies twitter account tweeted:


So why? Why would you move original movies to Thursday nights but brand it as the SyFy Saturday movie? We already have Saturdays...on Saturdays. Making Thursdays into Saturdays rips a hole in the space/time continuum and leads to zombieism. Now, college kids can make Thursdays into Fridays but only if they don't their first class until after noon or have managed to give themselves Fridays off altogether. For the rest of us? Saturdays need to remain on Saturdays.

Have the Snarkalecs demonstrated such incredible twitter trending power that those in charge think that we'll live tweet the scripted shows that the network has already declared they will not produce more seasons of? Do they want to go up against prime time shows, even the reruns? Did a junior purchasing exec have too much Kool-Aid at the holiday party and now they need to quietly run out the clusterfuck?

We are good but on a work night? Everyone knows that snarking is lubed by booze. The worse the movie, the greater the booze consumed and the funnier the snarks.

You could have owned Saturday nights SyFy; we had it gift-wrapped for you but now you've gotten too big for your britches. We'll take our snark and go elsewhere.

Good day sir. I said GOOD DAY!

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