Monday, January 20, 2014

Weekend Round-Up Scattershot Style

You know how there are some weekends you are just really glad when they end? We had one of those and I for one am very grateful it's now Monday and life goes back to normal. Oh wait. That's right. It's an extended weekend! For Noelle! After just having a week and a half off for Christmas. 'Murica, this is why we can't have nice things. (Today is the day we celebrate the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King. That's totally cool and way important. What is not was her being off a half day on Friday and all day tomorrow for teacher grading. I digress.)

Friday started with the Great Stomach Issue Watch; she got...backed up. And was in a lot of pain/discomfort but rallied for dinner and a treat. Okay, huzzah! Her fun weekend can go as planned....until after dance on Saturday when she was having a LOT of stomach pains. It sounded like cramps as the pain would come and go and we debated cancelling her birthday sleepover with her grandparents. My aunt was in town so I was taking Noah to my parents' house to visit the fam and have Fifth? Sixth? Twenty-fourth Christmas? So Dyl stayed with her until she passed the bubble while Noah and I headed to DC armed with an overnight bag so I could haz the winez if I wanted to. And I did want to. Lack of will power or responsible planning? To-may-to, to-mah-to. 

The guacamole was almost gone by the time we got there which poor form y'all. My BIL makes the best guacamole and I shoveled what little remained into my face hole. Guac! A snack and a facial all in one. Process improvement indeed. I played Play Doh chef with my nephews and Shannon, I'm sorry but I taught your daughter DREEET!. You'll thank me someday.

Then Christmas: Part the Whatever! Twas cool and fun. Dyl arrived, Noelle off to her other grandparents' house for a manicure, dinner and a show. She was planning on getting green and black but ultimately settled for pink and turquoise. With glitter because DUH. Dyl went back home, Noah and I stayed overnight where the most evil cat in the universe decided I was her personal cushion. The 4 year old got the queen bed and I got the twin...because the twin was in Evil Cat's room and hey Dawn, you don't mind Evil Cat, do you? Nah, sleep is overrated anyway. 

So for those keeping track: Noelle was with one set of grandparents, Dylan was at home and Noah and I were with another set of grandparents. Family time! We do it right! Noah had unfettered access to Nana; many books were read...

perks of being a cuddler
and many humans were passed.
Pass the human down the left hand side mon.
Finally, everyone was home and there was much rejoicing...

The Broncos and Seahawks made it to the Super Bowl and all was right with the world until I had to try to talk a 7 year old through swallowing a pill. That worked about as well the production guys actually filtering the products which is to say is not at all.

Maybe next weekend we'll all try being together. And sleeping. That would be grand too.

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  1. =D This is like an awesome kids book for grown ups, I love it!


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