Thursday, February 13, 2014

Jacked Back

Staring down the barrel at 40 I'm starting to notice some new and not so exciting things: stupid dry skin, my own personal heater starting up from the inside (though granted, not as big a nuisance this winter) and bizarro injuries. Saturday I managed to completely jack up my back, to the point where the only comfortable position was akin to a crab walk. How, you might ask. Well, oddly enough, I was trying to demonstrate the difference between a triple lutz and a triple toe loop to the kids when I misjudged the landing edge, that's not believable as I have the balance of a drunk weeble-wobble.

How about this: I was reading the kids a story when suddenly we were attacked by ninjas! Using some celery and a well-placed Sorry! token I drove them back until one got in a lucky punch and I twisted into Darth Vader. Nah, I wouldn't be caught dead with celery in the house.

I find your lack of funny disturbing.
Sigh. I don't know how I did it; one moment I'm putting groceries away and the next moment immobilized at a 90 degree angle, unable to stand up straight without hurting the cat's ears. With a crap-ton of Motrin and a strategically placed heating pad, it's more of a nagging discomfort now then searing pain. Until I have to put my shoes on that is. At that point all bets are off.

Age is so damn glamorous...but at least I'm off of shoveling detail. So there's that.

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  1. =D Fun to laugh at someone else's expense for a change. Loved the cool imaginary causes of age fail. Hope this passes quickly for you. <3


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