Tuesday, March 20, 2012

RTT: Cats and Boys and Movies, Oh My!

It's Tuesday so that means it's time to get random! We've got a lot of ground to cover so let's get to it.


My poor cat is on her last legs/lives.  She's an old lady and strangely enough, is eating more now than she ever has before even though she's skinnier than she's ever been.  She is undoubtedly quite sick but we just can't afford the vet bill to have her checked out, X-rayed and likely put down.  So in an effort to stave off the inevitable and save our sanity from the constant caterwauling for food, I've started feeding her second breakfasts and midnight snacks of meat.  This past week she has had well over half a meatloaf and today I found a baked chicken breast that I had been saving for some unknown reason so that shall go to the 'Shut The Cat Up' fund.  I'm actually debating defrosting some ground beef and cooking it up for her.  I might need some help as I've become a short order cook for a geriatric cat.

We are in the beginning stages of potty training with Noah.  He can sit on the potty but hasn't done anything yet.  This week he ran into the bathroom yelling, 'Go potty!' I was pretty jazzed so I followed him in there to get him ready when he stopped in front of the toilet, slightly bent his knees and concentrated.  'Noah, did you just go pee in your diaper?' 'Yes, Mommy.'  Sigh. At least he kind of has the right idea.

Noelle is alternately excited and nervous about starting kindergarten in the fall.  Mostly excited but nary a day goes by when we don't discuss kindergarten and what it will be like.  We've got her kindergarten registration in April and to show that they don't mess around with out of zone families, I have to bring my ID, the deed to our house and three pieces of mail showing our address.  I'm pretty sure that the TSA isn't as stringent as the county school system.

My husband did his fantasy baseball draft Sunday evening and it was still going strong and hour and 45 minutes into it.  I just suppose I'm lucky that he didn't have any interest in the NCAA tourney this year.  Our marriage may not have been strong enough to survive both experiences.

In a complete departure for us on St. Patrick's Day, rather than watching 'Waking Ned Devine' or 'The Secret of Roan Inish' (both excellent films I highly recommend) we treated ourselves to 'Leprachaun's Revenge' on SyFy.  Well, in the interest of full disclosure, he watched it; I immersed myself in a book/Twitter and occasionally glanced up.  This viewing method allows my very succinct review: kryptonite horseshoes defeat homicidal stunted Ents. Call me! I'm available for parties.

We've got tickets to the midnight showing of 'The Hunger Games' with some girlfriends of mine this Thursday and excited doesn't even begin to cover it.  This is going to be so unbelievably awesome that I might be able to stay awake til the movie starts without the IV of Coke Zero.

I really really really wish Gina from My Own Brand of Crazy comes back soon.  I miss her.  Lots.

Thanks for the hints on how to get banner/linky/widget thingies to work! I'm like a fiend now.  A FIEND.

Now you're caught up here, head over to Stacy's for even more random and I'll see you next week, same bat time, same bat channel.

And may the odds be ever in your favor!


  1. Yes, you are lucky he did not to the bracket thing.

    Have a great Tuesday!

  2. I'm sorry about your cat...

    Potty training for Princess Nagger sounds like it was similar to what you're going through with Noah - it's only a matter of time! :)

    The excitement of seeing the midnight showing of The Hunger Games will definitely keep you awake without the need for a coke i/v. ;)

    Thanks so much for playing along with the rebellion! ;)

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