Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hair today, gone tomorrow. Or Saturday. Whatever.

Can I tell you a secret? It's been well over a year since I've had a haircut that I haven't done myself (extreme sickness and exhaustion equals poor decision making. The more you know.) so I've been throwing it back into a clip or ponytail or artfully staging my selfies so you can't tell what a hot mess it is. Because it is. A huge hot grey mess because why would I waste good money on hair color knowing that I'm just going to chop it off? And because I work in a manufacturing plant and wear a uniform with my name on it, stylin' hair is really pointless because no one can see you under the hair net which leads to the Hair Spiral of Shame.

However, I'm staring down the barrel of 39 and swearing to myself that I will return to the land of the real and not smelly jobs this year so baby steps beginning with: hair cut and color. (And working out so my nice office clothes will fit because no tengo dinero for moro clothes-o but that's a different post altogether.) I know my hair texture and what lengths work best for me so before plopping myself down in the chair and calling out 'Bob me baby!', I thought that I might actually attempt to become an informed consumer and figure out want I want - more or less. Let's consider some of the alternatives, shall we?

Kinda the usual but w/ waves.

Short. And sassy. And short. Also: roadkill
The Uma Thurman aka Captain Helmet
Fun and spiky to the right (to the right to the right to the right)
Also, no vision but hey, if it looks good.....
Fun and spiky to the left (to the left to the left to the left)
There is no amount of product in the world to get my hair to do this.
The Uma with even more helmet bounce!
 I could totes pull this off.
I'm coming for your job Sharon!
The So Wanna Be Katy Perry
Comes with a built in hair net!
The short 'n sassy n'...gray.
Oh HE-llo darling, there you are; I've missed you  so!
Though I must say that the corkscrews are rather tempting....

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