Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Being Human Recap: Dafuq?

Previously on the SyFy drama 'Being Human', Aidan was rescued from being buried alive and left for over a year (he's a vampire, it's cool), Josh killed his maker in an effort to free himself and his girlfriend Nora from the werewolf curse and was partially successful and Sally the ghost was brought back from limbo, not to her previously ghostly form but all the way back using the heart of the dead werewolf, her buried body and a lot of brown paper macheie.  It's all very complicated and kind of gross. Moving on.

Aidan is feeling a bit on the peckish side seeing as he was literally six feet under for over a year but managed to grow an impressive Ted Bundy beard while locked away nonetheless. Vampires can grow facial hair now so it's best to throw all that you thought you knew about vamps out the window. While he was taking a timeout, the vampire population of Boston was pretty much decimated by a particular virulent strain of the flu, leaving the vast majority with lovely oozing sores which meant scoring a blood whore fell somewhere between slim and none. They don't know who has had/been exposed to the flu so can't risk feeding as there is no cure wonderfully demonstrated by Amish Mafia Vampire number one who turned to dust while driving. Don't dust and drive folks; it never ends well. Disoriented, weak, and starving, Aidan desperately tries to make contact with his erstwhile roommate Josh....

Josh our neurotic hero is torn between reveling in his new found freedom from the curse and guilt over that the killing of his maker didn't also cure Nora. For Nora to be cured, she has to kill Josh which will really put a damper on their relationship. Luckily, Nora has embraced her inner wolf so her time of the month is no real big deal. She tosses back a couple of raw sirloins and holes up in her storage unit. (Why does no one else rent a storage unit in this place? How is this not suspicious to management?). Josh usually will spend the night in his old hidey hole next to her (see: neurotic, guilt) but Nora forces him to actually go and LIVE as this is what he wanted so badly. Josh reluctantly sees her point and takes Sally, who has a raging case of cabin fever, out drinking. What could possibly go wrong here?

When Sally was brought back from limbo, she didn't come back alone. She located a couple of her old ghost posse whom she was responsible for sending to limbo in the first place and cajoled, coaxed and bullied them into trying to find a way out so they were with her when the witch opened her door to bring her back. I actually thought that all three of them would be fighting for space in Sally's body which had the makings of a really macabre version of Three's Company but alas, Stevie and Emo Boy were returned to their own bodies, presumably without being dug up and lacking a werewolf heart but whatevs. The big warning was that Sally COULD NOT SEE anyone from her past. Not sure why that warning was given repeatedly so going to the local bar in the neighborhood in which she was alive seems a perfectly logical thing to do. Clearly the afterlife has not made her any smarter though she could be thinking with Ms. Vagine de Cobweb so we'll give her a partial pass on it. She of course sees Trent who OMG was AT HER FUNERAL. Poor girl didn't even have a chance to finish her martini but she covers with a faking her own death story and further distracts him by sticking her tongue down his throat. Josh is neurotic AND clucking so he makes sweet sweet love to his bourbon and imagines turning into a wolf again. Perhaps to be drinking something else? I have an excellent recipe for a kamikaze....

Sally is ready for a little sumthin sumthin so like any good roommate recently returned from the dead, she asks Josh for his condoms and takes Trent back to the house like a goody bag (her actual words. Geez, no wonder Danny killed her). He gets cold feet at the last minute saying he doesn't feel so hot and Sally takes her first zombie rejection pretty well. Josh wanders the streets of Boston and waxes poetic about the moon because he can be a giant noob.

Aidan is confuzzled as all get out, almost gets his ass kicked by some wolves and is rescued AGAIN by his protege/nemesis Henry who's all, hey man, let's go back to my place for a drink. And by a drink I mean from my girl who I put my vampy whammy on and lock her up like a veal because FLUUUUUUU! Aidan remarkably resists as his somewhat latent conscience wakes up and kicks him in the nuts because DUDE.

Meanwhile, a forbidding grizzly dude breaks into an Amish house asking about his son. His gaze is continually drawn to the black wolf skin hanging on the wall and figures out it was his pure blood werewolf son. The Amish are of course vampires so they get their vamp on and he goes to town with a stake and not nearly as well as Buffy I must say. (Why do the bad guys wait to attack one at a time? Typically strength in numbers works to one's advantage but they're supes so: super.) He takes them out and mourns beneath his son's fluffy skin. Of course Josh and Nora had run with Black Wolf and his sister Batshit Insane so Buff Daddy goes in search of them and finds Nora in her storage unit of sad. They have Big Talks and turn together....

Next morning, Sally is craving fatty pork (perhaps she should start off slow, maybe with a nice vibrator or something) and tries to talk Josh out of proposing to Nora right after changing back to human when they hear sirens and upon investigating, discover that Trent has died mysteriously in the street and Sally was responsible because she had contact with someone from her past! Josh goes in search of Nora because he is neurotic and dumb and Aidan stumbles back home still starving. Sally offers her blood because she can and Aidan is all, um, yeah, 24 hours ago you were dead so I don't think so. They share a LOOK and finger play and it's all very awkward. Josh arrives at the storage unit to find a huge hold punched in the door and an ominous blood trail like something was dragged away. (They are so gonna keep his security deposit now).

So: Life! Death! More life and afterdeath.  Stay tuned for next week where Aidan is noble, Sally is horny and Josh is neurotic and conflicted. Otherwise known as business as usual.

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