Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Colonel Sanders, Prepare for De-Hippiefication

I found out today that school pictures for Noelle and Noah are a bare two weeks hence so the decision last weekend to tame the wild tresses was almost prescient. 

Isn't he adorable?  And he makes such a pretty pretty princess.

Now this is a pretty pretty princess
The trouble is, her hair is like mine, thin and fine so longer than shoulder length tends to look scraggly.  Plus she was looking through a forest of bangs and as she put it, we couldn't see her 'pretty blue eyes'.  Which was completely true.  Yes, attentive parents would have taken them long before being able to put their son's hair into a Pebbles' pony tail but when you practically get thrown out of the salon because he is absolutely LOSING HIS SHIT over sitting in the chair, you tend to become gun-shy.  But we girded our loins and laden with the Leapster Explorer (alternately the bane and savior of our existences) and the promise of more Dora, off we set with great trepidation.

Drum roll please:


I know, right?  How cute are they now?  Also, please to be ignoring the Cheetos, traumatic events required neon orange processed cheese type snacky foods. Integrity, she be gone.

Of course, the lack of the mop top makes Noah's recent battle scars so, how shall we say, noticeable?  Even giving their school a heads-up on his injury, I'm kind of almost expecting a visit from CPS any day now.  Captain Chaos, you are rightfully named.

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