Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Curses, Foiled Again

In what is certain to be only the first in a long (long long long long) list of times where I have my words thrown back at me by a very sincere and almost annoyingly cute five year old, Noelle *almost* bested me last night. She was in the game, nay she had the game in the bag except for my super secret surprise ultimate weapon.  Behold my stumble....

"Noelle, remember what we talked about on the way home from Sunday school the other day? About us giving you more grown up foods to try at dinner?"


"Well, we're going to be starting that tonight.  Don't worry, I will only give you a little spoonful of each on your plate.  All you have to do is try it.  Got it?"

"Okay Mommy."

Because I just can't leave well enough alone, "Just little bits and soon you'll find lots of other foods to enjoy beyond chicken nuggets, fish sticks and tater tots."

"But Mommy, chicken nuggets and fish sticks are healthy for me!"

"Um, no sweetie, not really."

"Oh, and then I'll turn into a giant chicken nugget or a fish stick."

"Exactly! And I can't hug a giant walking chicken nugget."

Giggles. "Okay Mommy, but then you need to eat some tater tots."

Whaaa? "Noelle, I really don't care for tater tots."

Impish grin. "Well you need to try them Mommy.  You need to eat more different foods." Zing!

"Well played, my dear. Well played indeed."

(Unbeknownst to her I actually don't mind tater tots as long as they are called by their proper name: potato poopies. And I ate my tater tots, she however, passed on the lima beans.)

And here we go.

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