Friday, February 17, 2012

That really wasn't the lesson I was going for

Ah, parenting.  A world chock-full of wondrous teachable moments in which important life lessons are demonstrated and internalized, never to be repeated. 

*Please, take a moment to compose yourself. No really, I'll wait*

Parenting Noelle so far has been relatively easy, the incident this morning regarding whether more colors are boy colors or girl colors dissolving into tearful sobs notwithstanding.  Parenting Noah has been more...difficult.  Not that he is difficult, no, but his behavior and way of interacting with the world is.  He's a strongly stubborn child and does not like to be thwarted and when thwarted, expresses his displeasure by hitting.  Well, we've used time outs, talking, relocating to his crib (aka baby jail) and have now moved on to 'loss of privilege', a pretty radical thing for a 2 year old.  He is currently obsessed with the Penguins of Madagascar game for Noelle's Leapster Explorer (video game).

This morning things were moving along fine albeit much slower than I wanted.  He ate breakfast, brushed his teeth (and by he I mean I did it for him) and got ready, the two of them sharing the video game back and forth.  The collaborative effort continued the duration of the drive in to school even with Noelle shouting instructions at him "NO Noah!  The OTHER button!" We pull into the space and as usual, get Noelle out first.  Going around to Noah's side I say (also as usual) "Okay buddy, we're here.  Time to turn off the video game." Transitions and all that. Normally not a problem, he'll turn it off, hand it to me saying 'Okay, Mommy' and on our merry way we go.  Today, however, "Noah, time to turn off the video game, we're here." "NO!"" Come on bud, time to turn it off and go inside." (Louder) "NO!"  Now, we dislike taking things out of the kids' hands because really, how can that teach them to not grab from others but after a gentle tug of war, he relinquished control and I started to put it in the seat pocket. Right. In. Front. Of. Him. So he kicked my hand and I dropped the game which remember, belonged to neither of us, picked it up to put it away again, was kicked at again. 

At this point, we are very late and my patience is at a breaking point so I pick him up to carry him inside, sort of like a laundry basket. When an attempt to have him stand and walk ends with him melting to the parking lot, I pick him up again and carry his incredibly pissed off little form into the vestibule of the school.  Putting him down to check them in, he melts in an even more dramatic fashion flowing from his knees to a respectable face plant onto the hard wood floor.  It will come as no surprise that the crying/wailing changed at that point from 'I'm angry' to 'I'm hurt' because he indeed was having bit into his lip.  He's bleeding, I'm trying to comfort him and get him to his classroom to clean him up when the assistant director asks what I think is if he needs an ice pack.  Yes, he indeed does so through the door we all go, him crying me trying to comfort him and find something to clean him up with and also check out the damage.  We get him set up with the ice pack from the classroom when the assistant director shows up with two popsicles for him to choose from.  I...ah...oh crap.  That was what she had asked, if he needed an ice pop.  To which I said yes.  I'm not heartless, I let him have it and lo it was good.  Noelle of course saw that he had a treat so asked to share.  He was very willing to share his ice pop and back and forth they went until Noelle bit the end off of it and the rest fell off of the stick and onto the ground. So what did we learn today?
  1. We can't always get our way.
  2. When in doubt, complain. Loudly.
  3. For maximum effect, throw oneself to the floor.  Bonus points for blood.
  4. Popsicles for breakfast. Mom = PWNED.
I shall be over here rocking back and forth with a drink firmly in hand wondering when, exactly, it was that I lost control.

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