Monday, February 27, 2012

She'll kill me for this one day

There is so much I love about Noelle; her sweet nature, her inquisitiveness, her creativity, all make her such a joy and a delight to be with.  I could spend hours with her sitting on my lap, reading her a book and smelling her hair...until she farts.  And she does. A lot.  She's always very polite ('Excuse me, I farted' (giggles)) but she does it so much that I was forced to adapt a song in her honor (yes, forced.  Believe me, you would feel that way too once the Grand Dame of Gas unleashed one ON you.)

To the tune of 'Barbie Girl':

I'm a farty girl
In a farty world,
My sphincter's spastic,
Gas attacks-ick.

I pollute the air,
I fart everywhere;
Pull my pinky,
It's so stinky.

Come on Farty,
Let's go potty.
Fart fart fart

Come on Farty,
Let's go potty.
Fart fart fart
I really hope that she gets this under control someday or her social life will be pretty barren...oh...wait.  Nevermind.

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