Thursday, February 9, 2012

She Was Published Before I Was

Since the beginning of the year, Noelle's class has been talking about emotions and working on their Book of Emotions which is not to be confused with the Book of Mormon though equally desirable.  In honor of her writing and illustrating debut, I present to you Noelle's Book of Emotions

Make sure it's eye catching to grab attention.  Jokeresque makeup is always a good plan.

Jazz hands really help to sell the happy.
It was eye-opening to Dylan and I to see what drives her emotions.  She isn't always the most forthcoming, defaulting to whatever situation is at hand for what she is thinking.  I love getting see how her mind works.
Sad and contemplative.  Nailed it.
I really like this drawing that she did.  Sad isn't always about tears and I think that she captured the loneliness of being sad perfectly.

Not only is he not sharing, he is taunting.
And it does make her sad when her little brother doesn't share.  Especially when it's her toy that she generously shared first.  No one likes being taken advantage of and she tries to be very logical and rationale. It's one of the things that I admire most about her but even better is when they work it out between themselves with minimal interference from us.

This is actually what I look like when I'm frustrated. Might need to work on that.
This is clearly a payback for not getting her yet more princess dolls. Immortalized as the devil  in two dimensions.

Angry preschooler is angry.

You know, I can't really argue with her about this one.
Not only is she growing as an artist with her skills in drawing but she is really communicating ideas, complex ideas with her pictures.  That is hard to do even when you have the words but the eloquence of her drawings, her emotions, herself is what makes this truly special indeed and I for one am honored and priveleged to be allowed such a peek into her soul. 

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go track down the rat-bastard who would dare to kick my girl.


  1. She did that without help? That shows some serious skills! She captures the looks perfectly!


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