Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Boy did life get weird

Whee! If I'm going to jump back into Random Tuesday Thoughts, I'd best start with the important things first:

So, how exacty does one add one of those nifty link/graphic buttons to a post?  I keep getting a 'Do Not Pass Go/Do Not Collect $200' message every. damn. time. I. try.

Noelle started joking last night that wouldn't it be funny if we talked out of our butts?  Naturally Dylan and I started with the lines from 'Ace Ventura: Pet Detective' because we are awesome parents and are way mature though we did decide that she is still a bit too young for that movie so score one for us!  What? It's a classic in my head.

I received an email on Monday reminding us that spring pictures are this week at the kids' preschool.  The parting shot?  Kindergarten Readiness students will be taking their GRADUATION PICTURES.  No matter that it's still winter and the chances of finding anything nice in the stores that they won't freeze their little talking tushies off in are remote at best.  On the bright side, I don't have to get her anything special to wear now.



(And I totally went out and got her something special to wear anyway.)
We now have a dance routine to accompany 'Farty Girl'.  It's gonna be such a hit in the clubs.

Noah really likes Phineas and Ferb.  This explains so, so much.

Dylan and I managed to stay awake for the entire Oscar telecast last night which was amazing as A) it was not very good, B) we had seen precisely ZERO of the nominate films and C) could not have possible been less invested in any of the outcomes.  I think we deserve some sort of endurance award.

I opened my gmail listing on my phone and one of the ads from Brad's Deals had the heading '$7 for 2 Set of Baby Boys...' which I thought was quite reasonable given inflation and all. (Full disclosure: it was for PJs but much more funny how it looked on my display. Anyone? No? Very well, carry on then.)

No, seriously, how do you add the fun linky buttons?  Help a girl out!

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  1. You crack me up! And I totally think $7 for two sets of baby boys is reasonable. ;)

    I would have gotten her something special to wear, too. And I'm looking forward to the pictures of her in her cap and gown. As I am for the video you should post of the fart dance. Just sayin'. ;)

    The linky buttons get added in the HTML part of editing a post - if you want to email me, I'll happily try to help you figure it out without making you more confused (well, no promises on the not confusing you part). ;)

    Random Ponder, Seeking an Antidote for an Anecdote, Naptime Interruptus, Impulsive Swap

  2. LOL I said the same thing about the Oscars. BORING!

  3. Do not collect $200 is the story of my life...

    Have a great RTT

  4. I love Phineas & Ferb. It explains a lot about me too. ROFL!!


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