Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Happy First Monday of Spring. Wait, what?

You might not have heard but it snowed in central Maryland on Monday. March 25th. Five days into spring, four days until spring break. A massively epic snow that 4 hours in is at roughly 3.5 inches and counting meaning schools are closed.

Not funny Mother Nature
The natives, they are enjoying the TV right now, alternating with viewings of cat videos on YouTube. This contentment will not last. In fact, I give it another 45 minutes before the restlessness sets in and we'll be forced to do the unthinkable: play outside.

Our sleds match our snow gear. PB Kids, here we come!
It looks to be one of the heavy, wet snows which means is ideal for building snowmen and sledding. Which means that Mommy does the making of the snowmen and carrying of sleds to and from and up the sledding hill. In the snow. Both ways. Which actually works in this case ironically enough. But at 6 and 3, this fun will only last for an hour tops before the whining about being cold and tired and bored sets in. But! We Phineas and Ferbed the shit out of that snow: sledding, snowball fight, snow angels, making of snowmen and catching snowflakes on our tongues. So what then to while away the hours until Daddy gets home and Mommy can drink herself into a chocolate-wine stupor? To the kitchen! For lunch! And various mess-making activities!

This is the only reason we still get the newspaper.
In an unbelievable act of foresight, I actually hard boiled a dozen eggs on Sunday to use for dyeing Easter eggs. Egg-cellent! That should take approximately 15 minutes with about 90 added in for prep, yelling about keeping the dye in the cup and off the table, and then cleaning up the mess as it is a virtual guarantee that they will have lost interest in the whole process once the final egg goes into the color.

Hm, we're only at 1 pm - still 4 more hours to go and desperately trying to resist the temptation of yet more TV. I know! Cookies! Everyone likes cookies. Fun to bake, fun to decorate, fun to eat. Not so much fun to clean up.

And YOU get some sprinkles...
And YOU get some sprinkles...

Check the clock. What do you mean it's only 3:30?! How is this even possible? Oh goody, they're fighting now. Monsters, to your corners. Or be together and bother each other. Don't really care at this point.

Dinner? What do you mean? Oh, yeah. I guess it is about that time. Well if I must...looks like a spaghetti and biscuit night here.  Daddy's home? Oh thank god. Please let schools be open tomorrow as I don't think I can go through this again.

So Say We All

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