Friday, May 9, 2014


You know those days (weeks) where you are unsettled and distracted and flighty which leads to boneheaded moves leading to even more stupendously ridiculous derps? As I always say, go big or go home.

The overarching reason for distraction is money or more specifically, the lack thereof. Things will be tight until September when we lose the day care tuition but until then, the next four months are shaping up to be an extended exercise in restraint and patience, none of which is helped by coming upon our second biggest gift-giving season of the year (the birthday-Mother's Day-birthday-birthday-Father's Day-birthday spree of doom) but we have a plan and it's all just ducky. Couple that will low level car anxiety, roofing woes, and the tree of death and anyone would lose focus, amirite?

Wednesday evening I headed down to the basement to get my work out in as I seem to have dedicated my lunch hour to errand running. With ear buds firmly in place and the kindle set to go, I hopped up on the elliptical, punched in the program and got to work. About 10 minutes in I thought that the resistance was a bit low but maybe I'd gotten further into the program then I thought. After another 5 minutes, I finally pulled the kindle away from the screen to see that I hadn't actually ever STARTED the program and rather than just continue as-is, I of course started it from the beginning and all the resistance changes that came with it. It took a good 90 minutes from my legs to stop shaking.

That was pretty derptastic but Myrna was still outpacing me for the week. Yesterday I was coordinating with my sisters on a Mother's Day gift for our mom (she rarely reads my blog but just in case: Mom - SPOILER ALERT). I sent around some links to tea rooms and crafted a formal 'invitation' to present to her on Mother's Day which was in a separate email. After sending links and chats back and forth for, oh, ALL DAY, I managed to completely screw up Catherine's email address which I didn't discover until this morning all the while fretting why was there no feedback. (So Carrie, I know I don't know you but what did you think of the invitation? Lemme know.)

Okay but anyone can screw up an email address if you aren't careful, that doesn't mean anything. Well this morning I wanted to mail a Mother's Day card to my mother in law as she was the only one we weren't going to see this weekend.  I had found a pretty card and the kids each drew her a special picture which I included in the envelope. To be a good citizen, I even put two stamps on it as you never know when construction paper will put you over the weight limit. Signed, sealed....and not delivered as it's sitting on the hall table. At home. Not at the post office. Looks like we'll be journeying over there this weekend after all. Enjoy the free stamps Yvonne! Happy Mother's Day.

Sigh. It looks like I'm in the running for High Priestess of Derpitude after all.

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