Monday, May 19, 2014

A least it's not raining

Monday. Here we are again, trying to figure out exactly what happened. Where did the weekend go? Truly, how is this possible? I mean, it's not like we were busy doing stuff. Well, I guess there was dance class... 

With two weeks to go until the recital, I'm thinking more practice is in order.

And then there was soccer clinic.


Oh, yeah, and a visit to grandma where we planted kids,

But the results were a bit disappointing as the package promises this:

but instead you end up with this.

And tried on hats for the Preakness. 

But it was all good because I drank a shit-ton of wine then capped off the night with Godzilla versus Mothra which was its own very special kind of hell. 

Sunday stretched out interminably before us as Sunday School is over until September. We could do anything! Recreate Africa being destroyed by a race car, 

go shopping, enjoy ice cream, 

discover a secret path through the woods to a new neighborhood...the possibilities were endless. Alas, night fell and as a last hurrah we gorged ourselves on Doctor Who and the Overlander series.

Au revoir, weekend; until Friday then. 

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