Friday, May 23, 2014

Revenge of the Giant Space Chicken

I fully cop to being a creature of habit. I like my routines, being able to plan my workday to manage the load for a week (weekends are much more free-flowing and as long as there is coffee involved, I don't worry about much). Missing the mark on even one day sends my entire week spiraling out of control as there is no one to pick up the slack but me so I have to work twice as hard to keep up which puts me in a grumpy mood which means Dylan is about to have an exceptionally bad evening. (We did promise to share everything in our marriage vows, I'm just not sure he understood what he was signing up for.) But a few frantic days and things settle back to normalcy and it's safe to approach me without holding out a giant glass of wine as a peace offering. This week though. Ho, ho, HO!

Lemme just put it out there: God and Loki? The same person. There is no other possible explanation for the Giant Space Chicken that dropped the Egg of Fail on my head. Shall we? Let's.

Monday started with the command performance at he annual Health and Safety day for the featured speaker. Now, the guy they got this year was interesting, he was in the unit that Hollywood made the movie 'Black Hawk Down' about. He shared his story, focusing on the themes of duty, teamwork, and looking out for one another always. Good speaker, interesting topic, awful time. He spoke from 1-3 pm. In a place that we had to leave work to travel to. So this meant that I wasn't able to get any of my evaluations done on Monday afternoon, typically a workhorse of a day. I generally prefer to do my evaluations in the afternoon when the lab is empty as the materials I have to test are rather nasty and we perform many sensitive screenings throughout the day that my materials would interfere with. (This is called me being a team player. Take note. It doesn't happen often.) Okay, fine. Monday is lost.

Tuesday all I had in the afternoon was one measly panel. One product. In and out. Easy peasy. Except that I got called out for having the giant box with my new printer on the floor of my office because GIANT ASS PRINTER BOX so I needed to get that set up and off the floor. Everything went fine until I couldn't install the software for the printer to actually work as only our IT group can do that. That involved contacting IT, making the help request, waiting for help, waiting for the gabazillion thingamabobs to load and testing which ate up the time used for report running since they had to take control of my computer to load the damn stuff meaning the morning work got pushed to the afternoon and just like *that* Tuesday went *poof*.

At this point I started to panic as I knew Wednesday would be a lost cause due to a business update meeting where we listened to a bunch of boring business updates and struggled to stay awake lest we be taken to task for not caring about anything, you selfish whore. Got the bare minimum done, weeping for my vanishing sanity knowing that Thursday was going to suck mightily because...

Oh HAI two hour meeting at the end of the afternoon. This one I didn't mind so much as it's for a good thing I'm not willing to jinx by talking about it yet (and thereby just torpedoed everything. Good job me!) In an act of desperate prioritization, slammed through the most pressing evaluations saving the bulk for today....

And half the department is out on vacation meaning I'm doing command screenings because THERE IS NO ONE ELSE AROUND TO DO SO. Thank goodness tomorrow is Saturday so I can finally get some work done in peace.

Wait. What?


  1. Don't you know Saturday will have its' own load of stuff to do.

  2. The Egg of Fail =D No one has claimed that yet on hashtags.


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