Friday, May 16, 2014

Friday sound off

No one wants to head into the weekend thinking surly thoughts with exasperated huffs of breath. So how better than to deal with them than to put them down and let them go?

1. All things politics.
Or more to the point, all things politics that include things like this.

I now loathe the name Craig

And this.
You can suck it, 'Cock'.

See, I get it. You need your name out there for recognition. Voters need to know the players etc. etc. and so forth. But do you get what this means? It means although your giant ass signs increase your exposure, they also hamper my sightlines. Significantly. Merging into end of day traffic is hard enough but playing peek-a-boo and hide-and-seek around your signs with the rest of the rush hour crazies is the best way to get me NOT to vote for you. But thanks for letting me know who to send any repair bills to; at least I can ready your names clearly.

2. Doing doctor's notes wrong
There are times that we have to taste things at work that we'd rather not. I'd rather not taste anything with bananas or mushrooms but sometimes I have to. That's called being an adult and doing your job. We have one person here who has informed me that she can no longer taste seasonings or participate in panels because of hypertension. I would be more inclined to be understanding if along with this she had also given up smoking (nope) and modified her diet (Burger King anyone?) Don't tell me you can't taste because of the sodium in the seasonings when your lungs are as black as your soul and your diet resembles that of a frat boy. Your argument is invalid and we are all dumber for having heard it.

Okay, I got it off my chest. Now come on y'all, let's go make this weekend our bitch.

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