Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Back in the saddle again

So its only been 3 months since the last post. Well, first post technically. So lots of stuff has happened, children grew, blah blah blah. And then, Monday happened....

Let's run down the various ways that Monday sucked (as if we really needed more reasons to hate this day):
1) Noelle gave me a bloody lip. Okay, not on purpose and she felt really bad but man did it hurt. Who knew that kissing your kid on the top of the head was so fraught with peril? Note to self: keep face away from all children when they are jumping. No good can come of it.

2) The MVA is really the anteroom to hell. This one is kind of my fault since I had forgotten to renew my driver's license via the mail as the notice was buried under a lot of crap on my dining room table. What? You eat there? Its not where paper and junk mail go to breed? Surely you jest. So I take off early from work to renew it bring my social security card since I need to update my name to reflect my legal name from getting married...6 years ago. SHUT UP. This was all that was needed I figured so off I went on my merry way. To reach the parking lot where OH MY GOD there was no parking. Of course. But! I persevered and found a spot and joined the end of the license renewal line. This is just to get to the info desk where they will assign you a number to wait in another line. Finally! Its my turn. But do you have your marriage license? Whaaaa? I have my card! With my married name! No, not good enough. Need PROOF. So back home to get the stupid license then back to the MVA to do the parking lot circle dance to get back in the info line to get a number to wait for a spot to open. Thank God I brought a book.

3 & 4) They are cliches for a reason. Got smug with the whole Noelle is doing so well with the potty training. She went all day dry and was playing on our bed making a train while I ran her bath. Decided that she wanted Daddy to do it so we switched off. He comes down the stairs after a few minutes asks if pillows are washable. Hunh? Yes, she peed on the pillows and comforter. Lovely. Strips the bed, takes it down to wash. I'm sitting on the couch with Noah when it occurs to me to check on her. We get upstairs just as the toilet bowl has completely filled with water. Noelle is next to the toilet jiggling the handle saying "Mommy it not working!". Oh crap. Throw Noah into the bassinet which is really really too small for him run back into the bathroom and somehow calmly tell Noelle to GET OUT! There is a huge wad of toilet paper jammed in there. Because of course there is. And we have no plunger. That would be smart. Hah! I prefer to live dangerously. So at this point Dylan appears in the doorway as I'm rolling up my sleeve to plunge my arm into the toilet to unstick the wad of paper. Good lord how much paper did she stuff in there? With my arm submerged up past my elbow, I'm finally rewarded with the sucking power of the toilet emptying barely averting disaster. Dyl's brilliant comment: Don't we have a plunger? Um, no. No we do not. Must I think of everything around here. Me and my mighty arm will solve all of your clogs woes.

Wanted to crawl into a bottle of wine but its downstairs behind a ton of junk that I just don't feel like crawling through so eff it. Solved a crossword puzzle instead. With pen. Finite! So at least the day ended on an upnote....

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