Sunday, March 7, 2010

You never know how much you need something until its gone....

I was going to do a introspective, heart-wrenching post about why I have been so unhappy at work recently (yeah, total armchair psychologist here) but then others things intruded so I'll save that for another day....

So yesterday a water main broke in Pikesville.  Which affected businesses and residences all the way up to Butler Road. Which is roughly 1/2 mile north of here.  Our water pressure has slowly been dying all day and now the only water left to be had in the house is in the basement.  Where we have the 4th bathroom.  In all its nastiness.  Because really, if the basement is generally used for storage why would I clean the bathroom.  Damn it, theres the karma again whupping me upside the head.   And since we are at the very end of the line, we will be the last to have water restored.  Oh joy.  Thank god I bathed the kids last night. 

But my folks came up to see us today to celebrate my birthday.  It was a nice visit, Mom and Noelle played Candyland, Noah was cute and they gave me a plunger.  Because you never know when you might need it....

So I've been drinking wine and playing around on my new laptop in the hopes that I might actually not completely adhere to the couch cushions in the evening.  I might do useful stuff like work or facebook or update the blog.  Its a tough job but someone has to do it.  The only good thing about the no water is that we can't give the kids baths tonight which means we'll be able to watch the Oscars that much sooner.  I'll be honest here, we haven't seen any of the nominated films for best....anything.  Because we are losers parents who are poor lazy. 

Uh oh, naptime is over.  Must mean its time for another thrilling session of Candyland!  You can't defeat the power of the candy cards so don't even try.  Mmmm.  Chocolate.  And wine.  Maybe its not as bad as I think.  Though I'd still like to have water back.  For, you known, thrills.

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