Monday, March 8, 2010

Isn't it ironic?

My apologies to Alanis but oh! the irony of the water situation.  There is currently upteen thousands of gallons of water in the form of melting snow outside our house but not a bit of it in our pipes!  Or in our new, deghettofied kitchen faucet!  I'm as tired of writing about this as you are of reading it but OH MY GOD.  We are reduced to melting snow to add to the toilet tanks to be able to flush them.  And thank goodness for Baltimore County; they are dispersing water to residents affected by the water outage at a location only 5 minutes from our house.  The catch?  You have to bring your own containers.  Um, yeah. 

Other things baby wipes are good for:  sponge baths for adults when you have NO WATER. 
Other usages for seafood steamers:  melting snow into water so you can flush the toilets.

My biggest take away from this whole clusterf*ck?  I will never again take for granted the simple joy of turning on the faucet and having water come out. 

On a happy note, only 4 more days until Friday when the girls and I will be going to see RPattz's new film!  The title?  Unimportant!  (Its 'Remember Me' or something)  There will be much ogling of a non-sparkly RPattz with a decidedly un-crazy Claire.  Because yes, we are delusional stalker people.  Plus, you know, drinks.

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