Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The children update

Yes, that's right our 'little' man is 6 months old today. I am pleased to report that in conjunction with Logan and Mason we have the makings of a stellar front court. Because the boy is HUGE. Drum roll if you please:

Length: 29.25 inches. Yes you read that correctly. 29.25 inches. For those playing along at home, he was 22.5" at birth. So in 6 months he has grown just about 7 inches. There is on the chart, above the chart and not in the same zip code as the chart. Guess which one he falls into. Go on, guess. We are currently accepting donations for his clothing and shoe budget because GOOD LORD.

Weight: 19.2 pounds. Impressive, no? But! Still on the chart. Not even in the 90th percentile. So, my medium-sized chunk. A MARKED difference from the roly-polyness that was Noelle at this age. But still quite yummy.

Head circumference: 45 cm. Again, above average but not at the tops of the chart. Which is a good thing because you all remember the size of Noelle's noggin. YES! I finally have a proportionate-sized kid. A very LONG one to be sure but proportionate. (I am really not picking on Noelle but come on, she was the epitome of cute baby chub and was the possessor of the largest head I have ever seen on an infant.)

His doctor was very happy and impressed with how he is doing: sitting on his own, bearing all his weight on his legs (we just steady him) and being thisclose to getting into the crawling position. He's such a happy baby and a total ladies' man. He loooooves the ladies. He has also discovered the joys of the jumperoo. Child could spend HOURS in that thing. And Noelle will jump right along with him. Which he loves. Again see: ladies' man. He's eating rice cereal and we just started him on carrots. I've decided to try my hand at making his baby food because I've gotten spoiled in not having to buy formula for him as I'm still keeping up with his demands for milk. Speaking of milk (did you notice that awesome segue? I so rock at this writing thing) I am giddy over the fact that not only have I lost all of my Noah baby weight but also all of my lingering Noelle baby weight. And then some. Yay for imitating a cow!

Today is Noelle's picture day at school. We are crossing all fingers and toes that she will allow the photographer to actually take her picture this year. For the first time in 2 YEARS. WTH? She begs for us to take her pic at home but elsewhere? Hell to the no. She is doing pretty well with her potty training. Next week we are starting in the big leagues and going pull-up free. The solution might be to just duct tape her to the potty between the hours of 4 and 7 pm as those seem to be the prime 'piddling' hours.

That's it for this dispatch so from muddy beautiful Baltimore, Maryland:

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