Monday, March 15, 2010

Scenes from a weekend

Girls' Night Out.  What image does this conjure up for you?  Clubbing, bar hopping, pillow fights....?  Nope, it means seeing RPattz in a totally non-Twilight role.  Except for the hair.  And smoldering glances.  And being all angsty broody brooderson. So yeah, Team Edward went to see 'Remember Me' (which is apparently based on a book.  Who knew?)  And while it was not quite 2 hours of my life that I will never get back, it wasn't terrible.  See:  Girls' Night Out.  Meaning out.  With the girls.  And no kids.  Its just about as good as it gets around here.  We went in knowing nothing about it other than RPattz was in it and that it would probably be a weepie.  Stacey even made us commemorative tissues for the occasion.  Which I didn't use because holy hell was the screenplay, editing AND acting just...bad.  Even the major twist at the end elicted no emotional response from me other than 'Is it over? I hope so because my ass is asleep.'  Then we went for drinks and munchies so everything was better.  Team Edward reconvenes in June for Eclipse but before then we have 'Clash of the Titans' (sans stop motion skeletons. Boo!) and 'Iron Man 2:  Ironner and Manner'. 

Until you are a parent there is no way to be able to understand the draw that is a 1-year old's birthday party.  Or in this case 2 1-year olds since my twin nephews just turned 1!  The best part?  Franken-walking.  Is much awesome.  And hysterical.  My sister's MIL was holding Noah and I guess completely forgot that he is only 6 months old because she set him on his feet and tried to 'walk' with him holding her fingers.  Um, yeah, that's not gonna work Janet.  He's just 6 months.  But he is a huge 6 months.  The older kids were just as adorable as ever and for some reason Noelle decided to try...broccoli.  Not generally a party food preschoolers go for but we'll roll with it.  She does what she always does with a 'new' food:  she licked it.  Wasn't sure if she liked it, was pretty sure she didn't but had to be certain.  So she licked it again.  A PSA for you:  NEVER eat anything that has been on her plate. 

Adult Evening Out!  Also with the 'no kid' theme.  And it was...awesome.  Being able to sit and talk to V and Frank without following Noelle around stalking the Red Robin and feeding Noah and giving Dylan dirty looks for inhaling his food while I can't eat my burger that is sitting there taunting me because I'm feeding Noah who has decided that now is a great time to really draw out the meal and oh look!  There goes Noelle so off Dyl goes to follow her and I'm still feeding Noah and my stomach has decided to just jump out of my body because there is a BURGER sitting there and good lord woman are you going to feed me or not?  But I'm not bitter (my stomach though might still be holding a bit of a grudge).  Another hurdle has been jumped as we went to Don Pablo's since:  fajitas!  And Dyl found out that carnitas with fresh avocado slices is some of the best stuff out there.  Yes, yes it is.  Plus:  margarita!  For me.  YUM.  Wow was it nice to pretend that we still have a life outside of Dora and diapers.  You know, for kicks. 

Not only is it Monday, its raining and also the first Monday of Daylight Savings Time which means that everyone's internal clocks are still all screwed up.  I say that you really can't judge the effect of the time change on your circadian rhythms until you are back in the workweek.  Noelle would like to call shenanigans on the whole thing by staying in bed.  Which she did.  With extreme prejudice.  Back to real life.  It was nice while it lasted.

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