Tuesday, March 2, 2010

An identity crisis at 3 years old

I keep reading and hearing about the imaginative play of preschoolers but had yet to see it manifest in Noelle. Well, I wait no longer. A list, from the past week, of all the things that she has pretended to be:

Police Officer Noelle
Princess Dora Noelle
Spider Noelle
Purple Spider Noelle
Apple Noelle
Vacuum Cleaner Noelle

Vacuum Cleaner Noelle could be happy and could be bad. And sometimes, both at the same time. Usually this just means she runs around the house yelling "I Vacuum Cleaner Noelle!" I usually wind up as 'Bad Vacuum Cleaner Mommy' though I have no idea how I'm supposed to play the game.

We also have an obession with 'Candyland'. She LOVES it. Might possibly play it all day long if given the chance. But because she is her father's daughter, certain routines must be followed before play commences. Like all of the candy cards must first be laid out on their corresponding positions on the gameboard before they can go into the general card stack. And once played, they have to be separate from the general discard pile. Oddly enough, she doesn't have a favorite color player but the 'peoples' have been found all over the house. Life with a preschooler is fun, its aggravating, its heart-overflowing-with-love but its never boring.

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