Thursday, March 11, 2010

One crisis managed...

...and a new one begins.  First, the good news:  we have water again.  Lovely, flowing, clear water that comes out of our taps and doesn't stain the toilets brown.  It only took 5 days to come back but apparently repairs are easy to make WHEN YOU HAVE THE PARTS.  And not have to order them from OHIO.  I have nothing against Ohio, its a fine state but really?  The state of Maryland cannot be bothered to keep parts on hand to be able to fix little things like raging water main breaks?  All in the name of controlling inventory costs but that is an entirely different rant altogether.

What? Oh, right.  The new crisis.  Well, not crisis perhaps but definite wrinkle.  Noah has a cold.  Which under most circumstances isn't that big a deal (the kid is a frickin' snot machine) but the poor little guy couldn't sleep last night with all the snerfling and snuffling.  And poor Dyl volunteered to stay up with him until he got comfortable.  At 2:30.  This morning.  We put Baby Vaporub on his chest, used the snot sucker, rocked him, fed him, anything that could be thought of was tried.  But its damn hard to sleep when you can't breathe.  I owe Dyl big time for this as he let me sleep since I had to get up at 4 am this morning to be at work by 6 for a staff meeting that didn't happen.  I'm not as tired as he is but tired enough to be stabby.  So its been a rough week for the Langes but we'll survive.  But onto the good news!

Hurdles that have been attempted/jumped:  Noelle is doing VERY well with using the potty.  In fact as I was getting her ready for her bath (!) last night, she told me that I needed to take her clothes to her hamper since she needed to poop!  And she did!  In the potty!  I am so PROUD of her.

Hurdles that have been attempted/jumped 2:  Noelle has begun using 'Please' when asking for something on a pretty consistent basis.  What used to be "I want craisins and juice" is slowly becoming "I want craisins and juice please".  Yes, you can teach your preschooler manners!  Sort of.  We are still working on all the social cues but hey, its a start.

I'm waiting for Dyl to call with the day care update and as its almost 8:30 and I haven't heard from him yet I hope that he is okay.  And/or sleeping in a bit because damn, 3 1/2 hours of sleep is rough during the best of times.

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