Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Guess what?

No really, go on, guess.  WE STILL HAVE NO WATER.  And I am waaay past the point of amusement or even perspective.  To "bathe" Noelle last night we had to heat water in a tea kettle (yes, we have a tea kettle and no, we don't drink tea.  It matched the rest of the kitchen set.  Shut up.), plop her in the bathtub and pour warm water over her in an attempt to remove the last of the green icing from her face/hair (thanks Mom!).  She was...less than pleased with the whole thing.  In fact she announced her displeasure by achieving heretofore unreached decibel levels that were only magnified by being IN THE BATHROOM.  Holy hell, my ears are still ringing.

Noah, eh, he's a boy.  He doesn't care that he needs a bath.  He would like to point out that he would be very happy to make the ultimate sacrifice and forego baths entirely for the sake of Mommy and Daddy's remaining shreds of sanity.  Or he would if he could talk.  Which he can't.  Yet.  But!  We've reached the land of 'da-da-da-da-da-da-da bbbbblllllpppptttthhhh'.  Its pretty profound when you think about it.

I at least have the opportunity to shower at work; poor Dylan doesn't even have that to look forward to.  So if you see him, give him a hug.  On second thought, don't.  He hasn't showered in 2 days. But watch P&G stock since sales of Old Spice will send that bad boy through the roof!

My mother-in-law has graciously allowed us to stay with her and Roger tonight in the event that the water still hasn't returned.  We will be taking her up on that offer.  And abusing the hell out of it as well because hey!  Showers!

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