Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tales from the potty

Allow me to go old school for a minute:  potty training is 'one step forward, two steps back'.  How true Paula Abdul, how true.  Just as I was saying to Dylan the other night that I think we have turned the corner in Noelle's potty training, MC Scat Cat/karma/whatever comes along and smacks me upside the head.  To wit:

Monday - Went all day at school without an accident!  Made it through the car ride home without an accident!  Made it through the dinner hour without an accident!  Made it to bedtime...and that's when the train derailed.  But tomororw is another day!  We're almost there!  Tis but a flesh wound....

Tuesday - Not quite as good as Monday.  She had one accident at school and another one in car on the way home (but that one I blame on a ridiculous amount of traffic due to the rain.  WTF? Rain? We survive 4 feet of snow in 5 days and traffic slows to a crawl because of some rain?  I so do NOT get drivers in the Mid-Atlantic.)  So we jam her butt into a pull-up for the rest of the evening.  (Pull-Ups:  the greatest invention ever or the bane of your existance?  Discuss.)  Get through bed-time without any more impromptu laundry sessions or toilet declogging heroics (for which my arm heartily thanks you Noelle.)  But we'll soldier on tomorrow....

Wednesday - And the great underwear switch continues.  She again goes all day dry at school...until I get there at a little after 5 to pick her up.  She is cowering slightly behind the bookshelf and my spider-potty-sense starts tingling.  Yup, she peed.  She looks a little upset and says 'Mommy, I peed in my pants.'  Points for grammar though....  Off to get dry clothes and to the potty to change her all the while with her doing the duck hobble-waddle as the pee leaks down into her NEW SHOES.  But of course it does.  With changed clothes, sits on the potty.  Nothing.  Because its all in her NEW SHOES now.  So homeward bound we are!  Dry on the way home.  Hooray!  Dry after the first 'movie'; potty time!  She sits but doesn't go.  That's okay since its still in her SHOES.  She then proceed to play in the bathroom making funny faces and generally admiring the cuteness that is Noelle in the mirror.  And then...disaster struck.  She pooped in her pants.  STANDING IN THE BATHROOM.  FINE, I'll clean you up.  I then proceed to dig poop nuggets out of her butt since she hadn't pooped in 2 days.  This has not been my finest week for the bathroom you guys.  Happy Birthday to me!  Back into the pull ups with the THIRD pair of pants today.  And no socks.  Because I am done.  Call the grandma police on me, I don't care.  Not 15 MINUTES LATER she pooped AGAIN.  In the pull up.  And of course this one was the gooey mess.  Dylan got this one because, as I said, I was DONE. 

Okay universe, I get it.  Potty training is not fun, easy or quick but could you PLEASE get up off my head now?  M'kay?  Thanks.

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