Monday, March 8, 2010

Day 3 without water....

Argh.  Just....argh.  This is so incredibly inconvenient not having running water since we are not camels.  And are potty-training a preschooler.  Nothing like giving her mixed signals:  Let's go potty, do you have to go potty? Time to go potty.....whoops.  Can't flush the toilet, here's a pull-up.  Though I had a dream last night that we had water.  And it was beautiful.  We could do fun stuff like flush toilets and shower and maybe even the dishes!  You know, cuz we live dangerously.

But!  Noah is the toothless wonder no more!  He is cutting his first tooth on the bottom and isn't particularly jazzed about it since he didn't go to sleep last night until 12:30.  Though it could also have been the 5 hours worth of naps he took yesterday.  However, last evening for kicks I stuck my finger in his mouth to check for imminent toothage and lo! there was a tiny sharp point.  When you are a parent you do dumb stuff like that.  Don't you?  (Crickets....)

I'm home with the kids this morning since my mother-in-law has an appointment with the Social Security Administration.  I'm not sure who gets the short end of the stick in this scenario....  It wouldn't be so bad except that I can't make coffee.  Since we have no water.  And we've come full circle!  That's how you wrap up a blog post people!

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